The UEFA European Championships Return to Paris Next Summer!

32 years after FIFA Presidential hopeful Michel Platini smashed home a tournament record 9 goals to secure France a famous victory on home soil, the UEFA European Championships make their return to France next summer. As the hub of the tournament, Paris will play host to 12 tournament matches, including the opening match and final, […]

You’ve been getting Parisians completely wrong!

  Do Parisians live up to their stereotypes? The Economist says NO! Parisians are not impolite at all but simply misunderstood! “Everyone thinks that people in Paris are impossibly rude. The longer I spend in the city, the more I realise that this is untrue. In fact, they are impossibly polite. Understanding this is the […]

Tu vs. Vous – A Cultural Guide

Travellers! Are you looking to practice your french conversation and still confused about when to use “tu” and “vous” to someone? Well look no further! The LA Times has published a chart to end all misunderstandings! Use this chart during your stay in Paris and you will avoid all the unhappy looks and “gros mots” […]

Movie night ‘en plein air’

            Movies en plein air are back in Paris for the summer! Starting the 31st of July, the Forum des Images “Cinéma au Clair de Lune” (or Cinema under the moonlight) will be showing classic french films on a giant screen all throughout the city. Each showing will take place […]

Discovering Paris through Cinema!

Montmartre is home to shooting locations for many successful films such as Amélie, Moulin Rouge, and Ratatouille, but what other movies have been filmed in the area? Now, thanks to a new article by “Le Nouvel Observateur”, you can find the location to over 600 of your favorite movies in Paris! How many of them […]