Amelie’s Montmartre

2016 marks the 15th anniversary of one of France’s most internationally beloved films, the Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, or in the English speaking world, just plain old Amélie. With our hostel nestled right in the heart of historic Montmartre and, our guests are mere footsteps away from many of the places seen in the film… […]

Paris Winter sales

Paris Winter sales are from the 6th of January to the 16th February 2016. if you like shopping, it’s time to visit Paris one of the best world’s great fashion capitals

The UEFA European Championships Return to Paris Next Summer!

32 years after FIFA Presidential hopeful Michel Platini smashed home a tournament record 9 goals to secure France a famous victory on home soil, the UEFA European Championships make their return to France next summer. As the hub of the tournament, Paris will play host to 12 tournament matches, including the opening match and final, […]

Create your very own Paris pub crawl!

The most common question I hear every Friday/Saturday night is always what I bar I would recommend going to. Here, with this new Paris metro map, you can find the best bars at every metro location in the city, thereby allowing you to create your very own pub-crawl adventures along your favorite metro lines! […]

Finding the right café in Paris!

  All Parisians always know the best place in the city to get a good cup of coffee, and so should you! With this list of speciality cafés you won’t ever again have to look like a typical tourist in Starbucks or MacDonalds.

You’ve been getting Parisians completely wrong!

  Do Parisians live up to their stereotypes? The Economist says NO! Parisians are not impolite at all but simply misunderstood! “Everyone thinks that people in Paris are impossibly rude. The longer I spend in the city, the more I realise that this is untrue. In fact, they are impossibly polite. Understanding this is the […]

The Unedited History of Iran 1960-2014

Anyone into Iranian culture or looking for something aside from the typical tourist attractions could find this Iranian art exhibit to be  of interest! This exhibit will be on display at the Museum of Modern Art located near the Metro Trocadero from the 16th of May to the 24th of August.

Tu vs. Vous – A Cultural Guide

Travellers! Are you looking to practice your french conversation and still confused about when to use “tu” and “vous” to someone? Well look no further! The LA Times has published a chart to end all misunderstandings! Use this chart during your stay in Paris and you will avoid all the unhappy looks and “gros mots” […]