Montmartre’s Forgotten Cabaret: Chez Patachou

Montmartre is dotted with remnants of its bohemian heyday. From artists’ studios to legendary guinguettes, cafes to cabarets; Montmartre’s history has contributed much to the charm of Paris at large. Of the many cabarets that once comprised the village’s storied nightlife, Chez Patachou is one of its lesser known. Today, only a plaque at 13 […]

Classic Films Set in Montmartre

Montmartre was once the beating heart Paris’ belle époque. Its famous streets and infamous history also made Montmartre a feature in many French films, most notably, of course, Amélie. However, the area’s storied history in film features in many other classic films. Here are a few classic films set in Montmartre to get you started. […]