Van Gogh in Montmartre

Vincent Van Gogh spent two years living in Paris, from 1886-1888. The majority of that time was spent living with his art dealer brother Theo in Montmartre. As Montmartre edged on the periphery of Paris, the countryside consequently bestowed an opportunity to paint the area’s city and rural settings. Van Gogh and his brother lived […]

Montmartre Cemetery: The Writers – Part 2

Montmartre was once home to many of France’s celebrated figures; from actresses to essayists, singers to writers. Just metres away from our hostel is the cemetery where many of these famous artists were laid to rest. Here are 5 more famous writers you can find at the Montmartre cemetery. Émile Zola (1840-1902) Émile Zola was […]

Aristide Bruant: A Man About Montmartre

The namesake for the street on which our hostel sits, Aristide Bruant was a character known to all in Montmartre. Today, Bruant is most recognised for his likeness in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s iconic post impressionist prints. But what of the man behind the felt hat and red scarf? From Bourgeois to Bellevilloise Aristide Bruant was […]

The 5 Best Cinemas in Montmartre

France is famous for its cinema, and Paris is overflowing with local picture houses just waiting to be explored. Historic Montmartre is host to some of the city’s oldest and most unique movie theatres. Here’s our guide to the 5 best cinemas in Montmartre. 1. Studio 28 Amelie goes to the movies. Montmartre’s most beloved […]