How to Get from Montmartre to Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) by Bus.

Whether it be due to disability access or simply not fancying the metro, the bus is a convenient option to getting to and from CDG airport and the city. If you’re staying in Montmartre, there is a simple bus option to get you to CDG on time. The main bus linking Paris to the airports […]

Thrift Store Hunting in Montmartre

Known mostly for its bohemian history, contemporary Montmartre is also a diverse shopping area. With boutiques ranging from the high-end to homemade, there is also a diverse collection of thrift shops, for the bargain hunter in you. Chinemachine ) With a broad ranging of clothing, from high street to designer, Chinemachine is a treasure trove […]

The Quickest Way to Get to Disneyland Paris from Montmartre

As most people planning a trip to Disneyland Paris soon find out, Disneyland isn’t actually in Paris. In fact, it’s not even close to Paris. Technically a part of Greater Paris, the park is situated in Marne-la-Vallée, a town 32km from the City of Lights. If you’re staying in historic Montmartre however, the journey to […]

How to Get From Montmartre to Versailles.

The historic village of Montmartre and the ebullient Palace of Versailles are two of Paris’ most visited destinations. If you’re staying in Montmartre, getting between the two can seem daunting. Montmartre is situated at the north of Paris, while Versailles is 20km east of the city. However, a number of seamless transport methods link the […]

The Quickest Way to Get from Orly Airport to Montmartre.

Orly is Paris’ and France’s second largest airport, and the closest airport to the city. However, being in the southern suburbs of Paris, it can take a while to get to Montmartre. However, there are many transport options at your disposal, to get you to the historic village in the quickest time possible. Taxi A […]

Louise Michel in Montmartre

Louise Michel was one of France’s most renowned anarchists. A influential figure in the Paris Commune, she is one of the most influential French political figures of the 19th century. A founder of anarcha-feminism and champion of working class causes; Louise Michael spent much of her life teaching and preparing for revolution, in Montmartre. Born […]

Live Music in Montmartre: La Boule Noire and La Cigale.

Situated in the heart of the historic community of Pigalle; La Boule Noire and La Cigale have been at the heart of the district for almost 200 years. La Boule Noire Established back in 1822, the original Boule Noire was one of Montmartre’s myriad of nightspots. A home to poetry recitals, theatrical performances or just […]

Les Marché aux Puces: Paris’ World Renowned Flea Market.

A short walk from Montmartre is one of the world’s largest flea markets. Situated just across the northern periphery, Paris’ world renowned Marché aux Puces is a veritable treasure trove of bargains and antiques. Known to everyone as Les Puces (the fleas), the markets cover a massive seven hectares. Claimed by many to be the […]

Montmartre’s Monument to the Chevalier de la Barre

Amidst the hustle of the butte Montmartre, sits a statue with a gruesome backstory. The sculpture of François-Jean de la Barre, a young man murdered for his religious intolerance, also has its own history. In 1765 Catholicism was both the state religion and the religion of the majority of France. In the town of Abbeville […]

R-26: Montmartre’s Forgotten Artistic Salon

The outbreak of World War I largely evaporated the artistic community in Montmartre. As Picasso, Dali and Degas et al relocated to Montparnasse, a private intellectual breeding ground would emerge on Rue Norvins. Known to its members as R-26, the salon became a meeting ground for some of the worlds most noted creatives. Haute culture […]