Montmartre’s Historic Rue Norvins

Montmartre is a myriad of historic pathways that became mythical roads. Rue Norvins is no different. Montmartre’s busiest street, its charming cobbled streets have paved the way for the area’s artists for centuries. Rue Norvins dates as far back as 1672, where it was included on Albert Jouvin de Rochefort’s street plan, the third in […]

Montmartre’s Other Church: Église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre

In the shadows of the world famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica, is Montmartre’s second most famous church, Église Saint-Pierre. Unknown to most who pass it, the church is one of the oldest in Paris, and has a storied history. A Testament to Parisian History It’s not known exactly when the L’église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre was first constructed, […]

Van Gogh in Montmartre

Vincent Van Gogh spent two years living in Paris, from 1886-1888. The majority of that time was spent living with his art dealer brother Theo in Montmartre. As Montmartre edged on the periphery of Paris, the countryside consequently bestowed an opportunity to paint the area’s city and rural settings. Van Gogh and his brother lived […]

Montmartre Cemetery: The Writers – Part 2

Montmartre was once home to many of France’s celebrated figures; from actresses to essayists, singers to writers. Just metres away from our hostel is the cemetery where many of these famous artists were laid to rest. Here are 5 more famous writers you can find at the Montmartre cemetery. Émile Zola (1840-1902) Émile Zola was […]