Behind the Doors: Rue du Mont-Cenis

Stretching from the edge of the city all the way up Montmartre’s hill to the Sacre-Coeur; the 1,304 metres of Rue du Mont-Cenis is home to some of France’s most historic monuments Historically the street was the route of a pilgrimage from neighbouring Saint Denis to the religious summit. Then known as rue Saint-Denis, after […]

The Windmills of Montmartre

Before it became a world renowned centre of artistic repute, Montmartre was a working-class village, north of Paris. Centred around its Abbey and populated largely by peasants, the old village was also a hub for mills. Over the course of the 17th and 18th centuries, 13 windmills were installed on the small hill. The first […]

André Gill: Montmartre’s Caricaturist.

If you happen to be passing through the historic Rue des Martyrs in Montmartre, you might have noticed the small cul-de-sac, Rue André-Gill. Situated a few metres from the bottom of Boulevard de Clichy, the street pays homage to one of Montmartre’s most renowned residents. Born in Paris in 1840, Louis-Alexandre Gosset de Guînes began […]

How to Get to the Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is a French institution. An icon of cinema and an ode to Montmartre’s bohemian past, the cabaret is one of the most visited attractions in Paris. If you’re planning on a Champagne soiree in the famous Moulin Rouge, there are a number of ways to get there. Metro Line 2 (Blanche) In […]

How to Get from Bercy Seine Station to Montmartre

If you’re travelling to Paris by bus, the chances are you’re going to terminate your journey at Bercy Seine station. Both Flixbus and Ouibus operate services to and from the station as their Paris centre stop. And if you’re staying in Montmartre, there are a few ways to get there from Bercy Seine. The first […]

Montmartre in History: From Commune to Parisian Village

While opinions differ on its precise history, it is believed that the hills of Montmartre have been occupied since Gallo roman times. Popular history suggests the Church of Saint-Pierre, which sits alongside the Sacre-Coeur to this today, has been a place of worship since as far back as the third century. Montmartre’s origins, like its […]

La Goulue: The Queen of Montmartre

Louise Weber was born in Paris’ northern suburbs in 1866. Young Louise began dancing at the age of 6 in Montmartre’s Élysée ballroom, then under the presidency of Victor Hugo. Later, in 1882, when she was 16 years old, she took to the stage at another Montmartre institution, the Moulin de la Gallete., After moving […]