5 Streets in Paris Named After American Presidents

The relationship between the United States and France is long and storied. Anyone walking through the centre of Paris will notice the myriad of streets named after Americans; from inventors to diplomats, philanthropists to politicians. However, there are also a number of Parisian streets in honour of American presidents. Here are the 5 streets in […]

How to Get To Charles De Gaulle (CDG) During a Strike.

The old adage that the French are always on strike might be a slight exaggeration, but industrial action is certainly more common in France than most European countries. It’s not unusual to be faced with train and plane delays or even cancellations, due to a worker’s strike. For the unsuspecting tourist, unfamiliar with the Parisian […]

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Montmartre

An area unlike any other in the city of light, the village of Montmartre is a must visit destination for anyone visiting Paris. Here are 5 reasons you need to visit Montmartre 1. The History Paris is a city packed with history, but Montmartre’s legacy is unique in its own right. Once a village bordering […]

How to Get to Paris From CDG Airport at Night by Bus

If you’re arriving into Paris CDG after midnight or your flight is delayed, you may well miss the final metro connection into the city. Fear not, there are still bus options to get you into Paris. The Noctilien Night Bus The last Roissybus taking you from CDG into central Paris is at 00:30. However, it’s […]

Michou: The King and Queen of Montmartre

For over half a century, a man known for his signature electric blue attire and a singular name, Michou, was the last bastion of Montmartre’s legendary nightlife. Born Michel Georges Alfred Catty in Amiens in 1931, the man who would become Michou moved to Paris in the early 1950s. A jack of all trades, Michel […]

5 Facts About Paris Fashion Week

The most famous event of the fashion calendar is an exclusive affair of luxury and frivolity. A yearly occasion for locals and visitors alike, here are 5 fun facts you may not known about Paris’ spectacle of excess. Its Origins Are Not French The father of haute couture, Charles Frederick Worth may have made his […]

5 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel in Paris

Paris is one of the most visited destinations on earth and welcomes close to 20 million tourists each year. Boasting some of the world’s most famous attractions, museums, cuisine and shopping, accommodation is often a last concern. Staying in a hostel offers many great benefits that you will not find with a hotel or apartment […]

Rue Cortot: The Home of Montmartre’s Infernal Trio

Montmartre may be one of Paris’ most visited destinations, but many of its charming streets and cul-de-sacs boast a history unknown to passers by. Nestled just behind the Sacré Cœur, Rue Cortot may look like a thoroughfare, but it was once home to some of France’s most notable artists. Dating back centuries, the 125 metre […]

Montmartre in the Movies: Bob le flambeur

Before there was Ocean’s Eleven, there was Bob le flambeur. While Amelie might take top honours for being Montmartre’s most famous film, Bob le flambeur is surely the area’s finest cinematic offering. Written and directed by the pioneering French director Jean-Pierre Melville, Bob is a classic heist film that would be a precursor to the […]